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Mazedar Chutneys Combo (Mint Chutney 200G, Chilli Lime Chutney 200G, Hot & Sweet Mango Chutney 250G) Pack of 3

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With irresistible flavors of Mint, Mango and Chilli – how could it be anything else but, Mazzedar. Laajawab swaad hai ji!! Khain to jaane. We bet you taste buds will want for some more.

Relish these anything that your heart pleases. From break fast to dinner, or lunch to Snacks.. These chutneys are endlessly versatile.

Our Chutneys are the authentic taste of home in convenient easy squeezy bottles. Just flip the cap and pour it out just like you would any Sauce. And enjoy. Its that easy.  

It's easy to pour and easy to store with a 12 month shelf life. While you may like it because it is convenient, we are sure you will come back to us for the taste.